Customer Reviews

I love this place. I've lived in Lakewood for 20 years and this is the best food I've ever had.

Teppanyaki is the best, good quality meat, only the best, if you go I recommend you the fillet mignon medium-rare, shrimp appetizer, scallop appetizer, asparagus appetizer and don't forget the fried rice.

The chefs are funny and well trained and it's way cheaper than other places. Last time that I went with my friends Ralph cooked for us, he is the best.

The sushi bar is nice, the sushi men are funny too. I didn't like sushi before until I found this place, they got me into sushi.
By James H., Long Beach
I've been here multiple times on the grill side. I've never eaten anything bad and the prices are good. I've been to Benihana's and truthfully I like this place better not only for the price but for the atmosphere and food. I've gotten gritty seafood at Benihana's but never here. The service is friendly and quick.

The Food at the Grill side is great and you can choose from Teriyaki Steak, Filet Mignon, Chicken, Shrimp or Scallop, and Vegetarian. You get a salad and soup then a chef comes out and cooks the food infront of you with flare and entertainment in mind.

If your not filled easily I suggest getting a sushi roll, though it's always been enough for me.
By Martin N., Long Beach
I lived in Bellflower most of life and I always wondered what this place was all about. So I took the plunge and tried it for the first time ever. This place is a gem! It's like the cheap brother of Benihanah's but the quality is awesome! What a $50 dish would cost there, it only cost $25 here and comes with all the fan fare you expect.
By Joseph D., Bellflower
Excellent quality sushi. Traditionally trained and highly skilled chefs who know (and will serve you) old school Japanese dishes if you ask. Best sushi bar experience in Long Beach area by far. If you love sushi, you will find happiness here.
By Foster A., Nevada
This place is one of the best and by my home. Hibachi cheif was awesome and very funny. The sushi rolls are rolled tight and the drinks are priced decent. All and all not that $$ and very good.
By Hope D., Redondo Beach
My boyfriend and I we love sushi! We are regular customers at Tokyo Hibachi. Honestly you should go ahead and try it (but go with someone who knows about sushi!) Their service is excellent, everyone at the bar is your friend, great family restaurant. The food is sort of pricey but worth it.
By Lisette F., Lakewood